With “Fontaine de mots” you can expect:

• Quality translation

All of your texts will be handled by qualified translators with many years of translation experience under their belts. When you need the very best quality, we can offer revision by a second translator, terminology management to guarantee consistency between different texts, and much more.

• Attractive prices

By contacting me directly, you avoid paying a middle man. This is why “Fontaine de mots” can offer you more attractive prices than most translation agencies.

For a free quotation, send your document(s) by email to: info @ fontainedemots.be.

• Client-oriented service

I am your sole point of contact, which makes your life easier, as you can send all of your questions to me, whether it’s about your document or about invoicing. No more dealing with multiple contacts.

Working from home means I can, under exceptional circumstances, offer you greater flexibility than a traditional translation agency. So if your company experiences a technical failure at the weekend and you need to send a message to your clients urgently, you can contact me. My availability at the weekend may sometimes be limited; however, should the need arise, I will do everything I can to help you out.

A few pitfalls to avoid…

1) There’s always a cheaper alternative. However, are you sure they can guarantee you top quality? Be wary of offers you may receive from my competitors that seem too good to be true; more often than not, they are! You may think that you are getting an all-inclusive translation service, when in fact the translation and revision you are paying for does not include full revision, or you may find the translators are being financially exploited (if this is the case, it’s highly likely that the translation will be substandard), or perhaps the work will be done by an average or even poor translator who offers rock bottom prices in the hope of getting orders.

High quality translation, carried out by specialists, demands a certain price.

By coming to “Fontaine de mots” you are getting an excellent deal in terms of quality and price.

2) You may consider sending your texts to someone who isn’t a translator, or someone who works into both their native language and a foreign language that they “know quite well”. This is always a bad idea. These days, very few people have mastered grammar and spelling, even in their native language. Just think how many mistakes you see on social media and discussion forums. Your website and your business documents are your calling card. Your reputation and the success of your brand depend on them. Leave them to the professionals.