“Fontaine de mots” can help you with:
- translations
- revising translations
- proofreading texts (e.g. correcting spelling and grammar mistakes in your existing website copy)
- stylistic improvements (i.e. improving the readability of your texts)
- slogans

Please note, I do not offer interpreting services, language courses or subtitling.



  • Translations into French (NL>FR, EN>FR or FR only)
    “Fontaine de mots” offers two different service levels:
    - Standard service: I alone work on your text. Most translation agencies charge you project management fees, fixed rates and revision costs. By coming direct you avoid all these charges, meaning you get a better deal.
    - Premium service: I can send your text to a second, experienced native French translator, who will carefully check the quality of the work. In this case, I organise translation plus revision against the source text (meaning each sentence is checked against the original text rather than just reading the French translation like some people do). This ensures even higher quality - after all, two heads are better than one!
    With both service levels, you can be certain that I’ve worked on the text, meaning you can always trust the work to have the same style and quality.


  • Translations into Dutch (FR>NL, EN>NL or NL only) and into English (FR>EN, NL>EN or EN only)
    As I am a native French speaker, I only offer Premium service for translations into Dutch and English. One translator works into their native language (Dutch or English, as required), then a second native (Dutch or English) translator checks and corrects the text.


    Text types

    My colleagues and I work with a wide range of text types, such as website content, business brochures, contracts, letters, internal employee notices, press releases, PowerPoint presentations, CVs and more.


    File formats

    “Fontaine de mots” can handle a large variety of file formats, from day-to-day files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.) to more specialised ones (InDesign, .html, .xml…).



    I personally specialise in the following genres:
    - insurance
    - banking/finance
    - communications/advertising
    - marketing
    - fashion/interior design
    - human resources
    - technology
    - tourism

    I especially enjoy working on texts that require stylistic input.
    I can also handle general technical and legal texts.
    If necessary, I can work with translators who specialise in the genres where I am less experienced.

    Please note, at “Fontaine de mots” we are unable to offer medical or scientific translations.