Are you a small or medium enterprise, a charitable or non-profit organisation, association or club?
Are you looking for professional translation and revision services into French, Dutch and/or English?
Do you want high quality work at affordable prices that suits the size and needs of your company?
Would you rather work with a small, flexible organisation that won’t just treat you like a number?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

With my exacting standards, I place the utmost importance on the quality of the texts I receive.
I have more than 5 years’ experience working as an in-house translator and reviser at two different translation agencies, where I was responsible for the final quality of French texts. These roles involved checking and correcting work from a large number of French-speaking translators, for prestigious, industry-leading end clients.

As the head of “Fontaine de mots”, I am now continuing my quest to prevent even the slightest error and take the greatest care over the texts that are entrusted to me. Your texts deserve the best.

Here at “Fontaine de mots” we won’t pull the wool over your eyes.
I will only deliver texts when I am absolutely sure of their quality.
This is why I only translate from Dutch and English into French, and revise French, my native language.
However, if you do need texts in Dutch and/or English, I can still help. I work with a number of carefully selected, experienced native Dutch and English translators, and I am happy to coordinate your multilingual projects.

Although I still work as a freelance translator for multinational companies, public institutions and large organisations through a number of translation agencies, I have now decided to provide assistance to small companies, like you, who have a more modest budget.
It’s pointless paying the high rates demanded by a top translation agency if you don’t require regular support from an army of translators! I understand that your requirements aren’t the same as the large multinationals.
By contacting me directly, you receive the same quality for a fraction of the price, by not having to pay a middle man.

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